White Collars and Gumboots


A History of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, 1892-1992

This book traces the policies and scientific developments that have shaped tNew Zealand farming over the past 100 years. It describes the establishment of the Department of Agriculture and its traditional role as a farmers’ advocate. This Department became the Ministry of Agriculture, which, in turn, became the present-day MAF with the addition of the fishing industry.

All the major events in New Zealand farming are described, from scab and the rabbit plague  century ago, it the grasslands revolution, the campaign against ‘bush sickness’, the impact on farming of World War II, and the unique relationship of New Zealand with the United Kingdom after the war in the boom period for the industry.

White Collars and Gumboots tells the fascinating story of the growth of a nation’s natural resources.

Published in 1992

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Tony Nightingale


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