Whanganui River Memories


From the Archives of the Friends of the Whanganui River

As one of our most beautiful waterways, the Whanganui River has held a special place in the hearts of New Zealanders since the earliest times. Stretches of placid water reflect towering cliffs rich in native bush and bird life; rapids toss unsuspecting canoeists about with wicked abandon where Māori canoes and later riverboats travelled up and down, carrying passengers, freight, and that all-important lifeline, the mail. Along its shores, generation have lived and died, carving out an existence far from he bustle of cities, each adding to he unique history that is the legacy of the Whanganui River.

This book brings together the lives of some of the people who made the river their home or experienced it first-hand. Drawn from the Annuals of the Friends of the Whanganui River, these stories show the rich history and diversity of this beautiful area and the influence of the mighty river on the lives of all who lived and worked along its route. The voices of Iwi, pioneers, and their descendants are heard and enshrined in this intriguing record of this “River of Memories”.

Published in 1999.

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Arthur P. Bates, Phil Thomsen


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