Major Thomas Bunbury

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Envoy Extraordinary: New Zealand’s Soldier-Treatymaker

Major Thomas Bunbury, Commander of the Bath, Knight of the Tower and the Sword, is one of New Zealand’s key figures in the 1840-44 period, when he held a position as ‘Envoy Extraodinary’, a replacement for Lieutenant-Governor Hobson should his ill-health prove fatal, and later as Acting Governor during absence of Lieutenant-Governor FitzRoy.

In this absorbing sequel to his earlier The Treatymakers of New Zealand, Alan Lambourn retraces the career of Major Bunbury, his years in the Peninsular War, in Australia, and in Norfolk Island, and his particular bravery and energy in India.

In so doing, the author pays a worthy tribute to a man whose significant achievements and personality have been, to date, undervalued and largely unrecorded.

Published in 1995.

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